Collaboration with Raven Kwok

Algorithmic Menagerie is a continuation of and the MFA thesis work of Raven Kwok’s long term research exploring artificial life and self-organization in the field of computer-based generative art. Programmed in Processing and Supercollider, Algorithmic Menagerie is an interactive virtual environment inhabited by algorithmic creatures. These creatures with dynamic cellular structures are created using various methods of finite subdivision on geometric objects, and exhibit different kinds of biological interactions with each other, reaching an equilibrium within the simulated ecosystem. Audience participants are invited to intervene or interact in the life processes. The sound is dynamically and algorithmically generated from the structure and motion of the creatures as they navigate the space and/or are influenced by the audience.

Exhibitions and Press:

December 2016, exhibited at the International Creative Cities Design Innovation Forum, “The Driving Forces for Design & Innovation,” 800 Show, Jingan, Shanghai, China.

September 2015, exhibited at Dark Matter, A01 Banpo International Art Zone, Xi’An, China.

July 2015, featured on Vice China.

June 2015, exhibited at Absolute Infinite Game, A4 Contemporary Arts Center, Chengdu, China.

August 2014, featured on The Creators Project.

March 2014, exhibited at Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Troy, NY, US.

Production and Exhibitions Stills:

All photos by Raven Kwok